Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Great Spork Migration

Within the past 24 hours I've eaten at both KFC (also known as The Artist Formerly Known As Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Taco Bell. When I was a kid one of the memorable things about Colonel Sanders' operation was the spork. I don't recall ever getting a spork at any other fast food joint, but they were the standard eating utensil at Kentucky Fried. But last night not a single spork was to be found at the KFC. Meanwhile the Taco Bell now issues black sporks for eating pinto beans and taco salads and such.

I'm sure the changes at both restaurants can be easily explained away by market factors. Maybe fewer people eat fried chicken with forks, making the tines of the spork unnecessary. Maybe Taco Bell got a good deal on the sporks. I dunno. But seeing no white sporks at their usual haunt and then the next day seing black sporks in an unexpected place leaves me with the distinct impression that the sporks all went over to the Dark Side.

If I could draw or photoshop worth a darn, this post would end with a picture of Darth Vader holding a glowing red spork.

EDIT: Thanks, stuart!