Wednesday, April 02, 2008

even more five links

By Jove, more spells should be reversible!

Best post-Seanbaby analysis I've seen. - Don't miss the scholarly exchange in the comments section.

I like swords

In the Labyrinth/Cidri homepage

Aaron Thorne's Random Dungeon Generator - dungeon stocking charts for Tunnels & Trolls.


  1. That sword link is great! It fills a gap for me with Castles and Crusades, wherein you're given this big list of weapons with zero description. I'm no medieval scholar, I need to be told what these things are!

    Anyway, thanks for the sweet links!

  2. Interesting how the internet works. I recently discovered your blog and was randomly reading old posts, only to find out that you mentioned my T&T dungeon generator a year ago. Wild.