Thursday, April 24, 2008

I think I like where this is going.

First Book of the new edition of HackMaster: Basic HackMaster!

"The basic game will only cover a few classes and a few races and only to a limited level. It'll probably be one book with all you need but it doesn't have the variety of monsters, magic, treasure, classes, races, combat moves, crits, skills, talents, proficiencies, Qs & Fs, and so on."

Another cool item:

"Erol [Otus] will definitely do a cover. We like working with him and he us."

XP's are earned "just for killing things and completing quests and that sort of thing."

Here's a useful bit of streamling: "alignment will be more closely tied to honor. infractions won'r be tracked. they'll be deducted from honor."

"in a nutshell:
critical hits & fumbles
a skill system that actually is integrated into the game
balance between races
more balanced classes
better magic system
more combat options
streamlined rules
advice for the 21st century gamer
new monsters & races"

All quotes from David Kenzer in this thread.