Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Starting Equipment Charts for Rebel Scum

In the comments to yesterday's post reader jinnetics requested that I share these charts with the group.

1-2 None
3-4 Blast Helmet & Vest
5-6 Padded Flight Suit

1 None
2 Vibrodagger
3 Vibroblade
4 Cesta
5 Light Sabre
6 Knife
7 Stun Baton
8 Combat Gloves

1 Hold-Out Blaster
2 Blaster Pistol
3 Sporting Blaster Pistol
4 Slugthrower Pistol
5 Heavy Blaster Pistol
6 Blaster Carbine

Understand that I'm not married to these charts. If Doug absolutely needs a dayglo orange jumpsuit for his pilot, I'm not going to make him roll. Similary, Pat has talked about making some sort of heavy weapons dude. He can have a bigger gun than a Blaster Carbine, if he wants. Anyone rolling a light sabre will be urged to come up with some sort of cool explanation for why they've got it. The default assumption will be that one of their parents was a jedi knight who fought in the Clone Wars.

Also, I recommend reading Settembrini's last comment on yesterday's blog entry.