Monday, July 16, 2007

Greetings from Cable, Wisconsin

Turns out the resort I'm at has a wifi connection and two of my in-laws brought their laptops, allowing for some small amount of blogification this week. In my spare time here (which is limited given my daughter's desire to go swimming 3 times a day) I've been able to do some work on the first adventure of the forthcoming Rebel Scum campaign. Later this week I hope to post some more thoughts on this campaign. The players are hashing out there PCs in gmail, which is awesome. I'm not around to coordinate things so these guys are just working stuff out themselves.

I'm doing some gaming here, as my brother-in-law brought some cool games. Note to my sister and any other cool boardgamers: try Pitchcar for silly racetrack/tiddly winks fun. My wife's family is a very competitve lot, so we're playing several game tournaments. The Scrabble tournament started today. I'm doing okay so far, but the professional writers and PhDs in the family are a hard lot to play against. Also on the tournament schedule is croquet, Pong, and readings from Eye of Argon. That last one was my idea.

Has anybody seen Rodman Down Under? I found it in the dollar DVD bin at the local Walmart. It seems to be an indy wrestling card from Australia featuring Dennis Rodman versus Curt Henning. I hadn't realized that Rodman did any wrestling after his rather sad run in WCW.

Catcha all later.