Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A bit of catching up

Here are a couple of items that I missed out on reporting due to my recent vacation and last week having gone completely to crap for me. Better late than never, says I.

1) We all know RPG Pundit as one of most spectacularly polarizing figures in the world of RPG jibba jabba. But now he's a published game author as well. Thanks to that cool cat Clash over at Flying Mice Games, Forward... to Adventure! is available in print from Lulu and as a PDF from RPGnow. Pundit's design goals were to create a newbie-friendly game that was all about the action, and based upon getting an eyeful of one of the drafts I think he hit the mark dead on.

2) Dammit, I was gone for Silly Template Week! Did you miss Silly Template Week also? Then head on over to Neitherworld Stories and start reading here! Stuart has a killer knack for whipping up little mechanical treats, and these templates are some of his awesomest work to date.

An Unrelated Note to Folks I Hang Out With: I need to free up some space in my way-cluttered game room. If you have ever lent me a book or whatever that I haven't returned, please shoot me an email. I am terrible at remembering such things. Heck, if you gave me a something that you want back, don't hesitate to speak up. Or if you just want something in my collection that I don't really need, I won't be offended if you ask. I might say no, but I won't be upset. Doc Rotwang, send me your mailing address and I will send you my copy of Starfaring. Kathleen, Josh can have my copy of Field Guide to Encounters. Don, you want my Starter Traveller?


  1. ?!

    ...dude, are you serious...?

  2. Yeah. I need to clear out some of this stuff and I know you'd like a copy.

  3. Ah. Now I know why you were so insistent I come by. I should be able to clear up most of a bookshelf on my own.

  4. Actually, I was insistent for totally different reasons that I will discuss with you tomorrow night, if you'd like to come over then.

  5. As it will allow me to not hang out with Sheppard, yes, sure.

  6. I'm honored to give your copy of Starter Traveller a home :)