Monday, July 30, 2007

greatest fast food ever?

My daughter loves hot dogs, or as she puts it in her exacting way "hot dog on bun with ketchup". So last Friday I took her to Weinerschnitzel, a fast food chain restaraunt that sells hot dogs and hot dog accessories. She got a basic hot dog, some fries, and a soda pop. We picked up a chicken sandwich for my wife, who doesn't always get into the spirit of things. I got a pastrami dog, a big beef hot dog with a pile of pastrami on top. I thought that was pretty rad, but as we were waiting for the nice folks to fill our order, I saw a poster advertising what may be the single awesomest fast food item every devised. Even awesomer than the infamous Deep Fried Snickers Bar on a Stick. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

My heart seized up a little just looking at this pic.


Man, I am totally plan to get one of those next time we hit the 'Schnitzel. Then I plan to get sick and throw up.

(Big thanks to MeatHenge for uploading that pic, so's I could swipe it.)