Saturday, October 28, 2006

check out my sack

Stuart posted a pic of the awesomely creepy dicebox his very talented girlfriend made for him. So I feel obligated to reply by posting a pic of my dicebag. True fact: I own the coolest dicebag in the universe. You might think yours is cool, but mine is way cooler.I wish I knew how to take decent photos.I bought this bad boy on my honeymoon in October '99 at the store attached to Pirates of the Caribbean, the single greatest amusement ride ever built by mankind. If you think your dicebag can step up to the pure radness of my skull-n-crossbones bag, please drop a link in the comments section or email a pic. (Please don't try pulling anything with one of those chainmail bags. Those things are so last week.) But honestly, the only dicebags I've seen that were in the same league as this puppy are the Dice Goblins.