Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Broodmother Skyfortress wins Judges' Spotlight Award

So the Ennie nominations are out today and Broodmother Skyfortress (available here and here, PDF here) has received a Judges' Spotlight Award.  I'm no expert on the ins and outs of the Ennie process,--even though I am perfectly willing to publicly complain when my fave doesn't win--but normally the judges review the products, make short lists for each category, and put them to the popular vote.  As I understand it, each judge can also just pick a product to highlight, and Reece Carter chose Broodmother.  Thanks, Reece!

Here are some of the great things that have been nominated that I urge you to choose when public voting begins a week from today:

Best adventure: Blood in the Chocolate
Best cartography: The Cursed Chateau
Best electronic book: Hubris: A World of Visceral Adventure (which is out in print now, I think)
Best monster/adversary: Veins of the Earth
Best rules: Veins of the Earth
Best writing: Veins of the Earth
Product of the Year: Veins of the Earth

PS: You should also buy yourself a copy of that stuff.

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