Thursday, October 06, 2011

For sale: Everburning Torches of Dundagel

Last night the party acquired four Everburning Torches of Dundagel from the vampire lair.  They are keeping two and offering the other two for sale to other PCs visiting the Caves of Myrddin area.  Here are the known properties of the Everburning Torches:

  • Under normal dungeon circumstances they burn continuously with the normal light, heat and flammability of ordinary torches.
  • When placed in water the flame goes out, but it automatically relights when withdrawn.
  • The flame only burns in proper dungeons.  E.g. The Torches do not work in the non-haunted basement crypt of the abbey.  Actual dungeons have some metaphysical property that differentiates them from other holes in the ground.  Upon reaching the exit of the dungeon the flame goes out, automatically relighting when you next visit a dungeon.
The two Everburning Torches retained by the party have been modified by the assistance of the blacksmith in Camelton, a nearby village.  The flaming end of the torch has been encaged by a heavy iron network.  This allows the torches to function as described above and also as flame tongue maces.  At least until this makeshift modification is broken from heavy use.  Whoever buys one of the Torches can spend 150gp to have theirs so-modified.

Here's how the sale works: Offers will be taken here, on G+ and via gmail (jrients@yaddayadda) from now until the next tabletop session, Wednesday October 19th.  Acceptable items offered include gold, gems, jewels, magic items, MU spells or anything else that might be of value to inhabitants of the Wessex setting.  At the session on the 19th I will present all offers to the owners and I will get back to whoever they choose to sell to.