Friday, October 14, 2011

Caves of Myrddin, online session #7

Today's party consisted of two fighters, Taurus the Psychotic Clown and Edgard du Lang, and two magic-users, Abbador the Mutator and Philip the Black.  Thanks to Taurus's carousing, he lets slip some information regarding the adventure, mostly in the form of improvised (drunken) songs about his own feats accompanied by some dubious accordion playing.   Since accordions haven't been invented yet some folks start referring to this strange wailing instrument as his Box of Devils.  Anyhoo, here's what you think happened based upon the slurred verses of a drunken Juggalo:
  • The party entered the dungeons via the East Tower, the former gatehouse of Castle Dundagel.
  • They encountered ravens that mocked there inability to open the door to the dungeon, but they got past this obstacle and several others thanks to Abbador's Cross-Dimensional Crowbar.
  • The party spent most of the expedition in the first level of the dungeon, looking for some goblin-treasure hinted at by Abbador.
  • No goblins were encountered.  Instead they befriended Herbie the Rust Monster and slew Skippy and Bobo (a pair of giant rats) and killed some Purple Raiders.
  • They stole the Scepter of the White Queen and the mustache right off the face of a Purple Raider.
  • No one knows what the mysterious lever in the kitchen does.
I thought it was a pretty dang good run.