Friday, August 19, 2011

a Moldvay oddity

Under the BX rules anyone can play one of the four human classes.  No matter how poorly you roll, you can still play a Fighter, Magic-User, Cleric or Thief.  AD&D has minimum stat scores necessary to get into these classes, which meant you couldn't play a clutzy thief or a foolish cleric.  Being a big fan of characters who suck, I'm all for allowing PCs to be terrible at their jobs.

The one place this great idea hits a speedbump is for magic-users.  Dig this chart:

You could squeak by on an MU with an Intelligence of 4 or 5, as spellbooks aren't necessarily written in Common.  But an Int 3 magic-user can't read his or her spellbook and has trouble pronouncing the words of the spell correctly.  Maybe the rare Int 3 MU is an idiot-savant, barely functional except for a natural talent at reading and speaking Magicese.