Sunday, August 21, 2011

FLAILSNAILS non-cumulative XP (Article 3)

Since last week's release of the FLAILSNAILS cross-campaign rules one section has caused more confusion than any of the others. Here's the section:
Article 3 PCs will level up at a number of experience points appropriate to the system of the last adventure they played in before such time as they were eligible to level up in that system.
I must admit that I was asleep at the wheel when that was being knocked around in draft.  The following is intended as either as a clarification or correction, depending on whether I'm reading this right or not.

Article 3 Revised: No one cares how many total XP you've earned.  All we need to know is your level and how many XP you've gained since making that level.  If you level up according to the rules used for the current adventure you are playing, advance your character one level and zero out your XP.
So Morgan Ironwolf earns her two-thousandth experience point.  That's enough to make level 2 in Wessex.  She advances to level 2 and resets her XP to zero.  I often allow for advancement in the middle of the game and Morgan earns 232 more XP before the end of the session.  The next day Morgan is in Vornheim.  She earns a big ol' pile of XP, but whether she advances to 3rd depends on the chart for fighters in Zak's game.  Hopefully he'll have handy his own version of the charts below, which are the BX charts reworked to eliminate tracking total XPs earned.

Is everybody following my proposal? A few XP are bound to be wasted along the way if we zero out the totals at every advancement. You could instead subtract the XP needed from your current total. That's only slightly more complicated.  If you subtract rather than zero out completely, the charts above are exactly the same totals as the Expert rulebook, only expressed differently.