Monday, April 04, 2011

search for hidden treasure

So old school blogger Cyclopeatron has gotten into this groove where every month he posts lists of the most-followed and fastest-growing OSR bloggers.  His data is limited to accounts, but it's still interesting info.  You can see his March numbers here and here.  I'll straight up admit that I like to check his numbers to see if I have a chance of catching up with Jamie Mal or Zak.  Grognardia really ought to get some sort of shiny award for being number one on the list without pictures of naked ladies, but DnD With Porn Stars clearly offers an amazing amount of high quality non-naked-lady content as well.

Anyhoo, I just wanted to point out something that we should all be doing with Cyclopeatron's posts.  Every blogger started out with zero regular readers, therefore being on the bottom of Cyclopeatron's lists doesn't necessarily have anything to do with quality.  So do yourself a favor and poke around the bottom quarter or so of the entries.  If you see something you like, let the writer know.  And if you have a blog of your own, share a link.  If the stuff there looks good but there haven't been any updates in a while, leave a comment (or send an email if an addy is handy on the blog) saying something like "Just found you blog and I like it.  Please post some more!"  The distributed metamind of the OSR will only improve by these efforts.  And you just may be the person who discovers the next great talent in the scene.