Tuesday, April 05, 2011

a legitimate journalistic outlet?

So it looks like I have been cleared for a press pass for the next GenCon Indy. Which is pretty funny, given the normal levity to gravity ratio around here. My plan is to visit for one day (probably Saturday) and try to come up with a little report for all the folks who wish they could go but can't. I'll bring this up again as we get closer to the con, but I just wanted to put this idea in everyone's head: if there's something you specifically want me to try to get info about let me know in a comment here or via email (jrients, gmail, etc, etc.).  Right now I don't have a plan beyond hitting up the OSR Group booth and seeing if Goodman Games has mock-ups of the DCCrpg.

I will try to suppress the urge to wear a fedora with a little card in the band labeled "PRESS" and refer to myself as Scoops Rients.