Friday, April 22, 2011

more dubious place names

Anthony the Pendant requested place name charts for German and Slavic type locations. Here's some quicky charts for you, dude:

400 German type places
1 Ber- -baden
2 Bre- -brucken
3 Dres- -burg
4 Dussel- -dam
5 Er- -den
6 Frei- -dorf
7 Gott- -el
8 Greifs- -furt
9 Ham- -gart
10 Han- -ich
11 Heidel- -ingen
12 Ki- -inz
13 Ma- -lin
14 Madge- -men
15 Mun- -na
16 Pots- -over
17 Saar- -rin
18 Schwe- -stadt
19 Stutt- -stanz
20 Wies- -wald

144 Slavicish places (d12 twice)

1 Brun- -ansk
2 Dub- -bove
3 Gd- -cin
4 Kolob- -lice
5 Kr- -nov
6 Med- -rzeg
7 Op- -tal
8 Po- -ynia
9 Szc- -zecin
10 Tep- -zev
11 Tren- -zilaborce
12 Vr- -zin

These sorts of things are a snap to build if you don't mind that your places are terrible fake constructions capable of inducing shrieks of terror in native speakers.  Just think of a real world analogy for your country.  Search for a wikipedia page with a title like "Cities of ____" and then start yanking apart some of the items on that list.  I made these in a spreadsheet so it would be easy to sort them A to Z when I was done.