Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Beer Report

So I combed through the 39 comments to my request for beer recommendations.  Thanks again to everyone who took the time to share some info.  Most of your comments rolled in while I was gaming or sleeping last night, so the net effect was a little overwhelming at first.  So I built a little spreadsheet to try to tabulate all the info.  Here's what I found out.

Hobgoblin Dark English Ale by Wychwood Brewery was the most recommended beer, with five commenters voicing their approval. I think one of my gaming buddies owns a T-shirt with their logo on it, a gnarly little green dude in a red cap if I recall correctly.

Tied for second with for recommendations were Deschutes Brewery Black Butte, Boddington's Pub Ale and Yeungling's.  My good buddy Stuart noted that Boddington's was "good if you like the creaminess of Guinness", which I do.

Third place goes to Dogfish Head's Raison D'etre, with three recommendations.  Commenter Lagomorph Rex reminds me that these are the guys who have some sort of TV show.  I think I've seen all of 2 minutes of it but I recall the owner or somebody being a giant douchebag.  That's reality TV for you.  I think these are the same guys who make some brews based on reconstructed prehistoric recipes.  I should really check that out.

There were two recommendations for New Belgium Fat Tire and one for Fat Tire amber ale.  Are these the same brew?  If so, it ties with Dogfish Head for third place.

Eight other beers got the nod twice: Anchor Steam, Blue Moon, Chimay, Dixie Brewery's Blackened Voodoo, Goose Island, New Belgium 1554 Enlightened Black Ale, Smithwick's, and Wells' Bombadier.  Special mention in the dispatches goes to ckutalik and Stacy for suggesting Blue Moon.  I had forgotten that I tried that at a pizza joint a few months ago and found it very refreshing.  And I can totally grok Stacy's recommendation for squeezing a little orange juice into one.

Also receiving special ribbons for reading my mind: Dante for suggesting Caffrey's Irish Ale and spiderj for Kilkenny.  Both commenters noted that there suggestion sat somewhere between Newcastle and Guinness.  I almost worded my query as "what beer might sit between the two"?

Again, thanks to everyone who provided suggestions.