Sunday, February 20, 2011

draft super-simple Changeling class

Changeling class
XP per level: 3,000
Hit die: d6 d4 if MU/T (see below), otherwise d8
Saving throws: as Dwarf/Halfling

1 unusual facial feature (e.g. pointed ears, long nose)
2 odd hands or feet (claws, hooves)
3 strange hair or skin (unusual color and/or texture)
4 extra body parts (tail, vestigal wings, third eye)
5 noteworthy stature (tall, broad, skinny and/or short)
6 weird voice (preferably something that does not annoy the DM)

class abilities (roll every level, including first)
1-2 fighter & magic-user
3-4 fighter & thief
5-6 magic-user & thief