Friday, February 18, 2011

anyone recognize this language?

Saghtgwan tlap ne Salaam Ander bwtati og theni berchi ne Simbwana mbengwe ogandi sukh na moimol opwana Salaam Ander sri moana gwens. Og di limbw, og di bwtat na Salaam Ander kchri pche ogandi pwe ogwandi te ur maswali sukh? Na, ne ur lingo tIslamli kcher oganda Salaam Andrias sahti. Bend optonga kchri Simbwana médh, salaam!

Google Translate's auto-detect can't make up it's mind whether this is German or Filipino, but then doesn't provide a translation for either one.  If that's German, I'm the man on the moon.

I first encountered this passage back in the 90s, in Karel Čapek's novel War with the Newts. You might know him as the guy who invented the term 'robot'. Like his other works most of the novel was originally written in Czech. The above passage is supposed to be an untranslated newspaper clipping about the discovery of the Newts, a race of sentient undersea creatures.