Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Don't quit your day job."

Question for everyone: Does campaign time pass between your game sessions? 

For my last couple of D&D campaigns I've been using Uncle Gary's suggestion from the DMG that when nothing particular is going on then time passes at one campaign day per real day since you last played. 

I've combined this approach with an assumption that loitering in smelly dungeons is sort of a 'weekend warriors' type of affair.  Everybody is assumed to have some sort of day job: the thieves are petty bandits and poachers, the warriors are knights protecting/oppressing the poor, the magic-users putter around trying to turn lead into gold, etc.  Day-to-day expenses are normally handled by whatever you do during the two weeks between outings to the dungeon, at least to a subsistence level that the PCs find insufficient for the rock and roll lifestyles they truly crave.

Here's an unintended upside of this policy: given the small size of my campaign map, two weeks is sufficient time that I could start any new adventure off in pretty much any hex I please.