Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sand People - WTF?

 Obviously I don't care about any official answer here.  I'm fishing for ideas.  Simple economy of storytelling would dictate that Sand People are a human ethnic group and that crap on their heads is some sort of deep desert gear.  Basically they're the same guys as in Dune, with robes over their stilsuits.  But what other options are available?  Could that lovable mug be their actual faces, with their skin looking like bandages?  Could they be cybernetic desert nomads, and that face hardware is a set of implants?  Are they a race of mummies, based out of some astro-pyramid hidden in the endless sands of Tatooine? (I've often suspected the bounty hunter Dengar of being some sort of armored space mummy.  Maybe he's Tusken by birth.)  When you were a kid, what were your thoughts on these guys?
One of the best figures from the early years.  Sweet cape, pummeling implement, and lots of character.  And everybody is cooler with a bandolier/utility belt combo.