Sunday, October 03, 2010

Arduin Grimoire, part 7

I've got just enough time for a quick write-up for NEW MAGIKAL TREASURES.  Each item has a value in Gold Sovereigns, amount of charges it contains (if any), range if needed and a description.  Most magic items listed run between 5,000 and 50,000 gp in value.

Witch Fire Wand - fire attack plus paralyzation (except for elves, who are stunned)
Ring of Night - invisibility only in the dark or shadows
Wind Staff - clerical staff of wizardry equivalent with a variety of wind-based effects
Ring of Rapid Transit - move 10x for 1 minute, engraved with the logo of the mighty BART
Misty Boots of Silent Speed - walk on any surface, including illusionary ones!
Shield of Defense - 95% chance to completely block any one attack
Gauntlet of the Fencing Master - +5 to hit, double attacks with fencing weapons, usable only by thieves, assassins, traders an other scoundrels
Staff of the Druids - does several stupid druid tricks
Helm of War - +3 to all physical stats plus a percentage chance to intuit enemy moves
Holy (& Unholy) Robes - basically robes of the magi for clerics, in addition to various named powers each such robe has a non-specified immunity and a secret power to be specified by the referee
Slavers' Lash - 3d6 damage plus rotting disease plus save of surrender
Ring of Remembering - reads the history of objects
Hawk Helm - triple visual range, infravision, immunity to fear and confusion
Doctor John's Salve - this is the same stuff as appears on the price list, a thousand bucks for 2d8 healing on 'heavy' wounds only
Golden Centaur Salve - same Doc John's but for animals
Golden Drops of Heavenly Essence - the ultimate Get Out of Jail Free, one drop applied to a single particle of a corpse completely restores life.  Costs 100 grand per drop and "only 21 drops have been seen in the last 1,200 years!"
Boots of Banana Peel - meant to be a cursed item, but I bet my players could figure out a way to make zero coefficient of friction footwear into an advatage
Mighty Mystical Silver Sling Shot of Slaying - each such slingshot is keyed to a monster type, save or die, if save take 4d6 damage
Ring of Ruthlessness - become "100% amoral evil", gain a bunch of stat boosts (+6 ego, +3 Str, Int, Dex, Con), fight as berserker.  Damn.
Javelin of Devastation - javelins of lightning that also drain levels
Oil of Instant Immolation - 3 minutes after being applied it burns for 6d10 damage
Oil of Instant Immobility - 3 minutes after being applied it forms a steel hard shell over anything
Oil of Instant Obedience - 3 minutes after being applied whatever is coated will become your obedient servant for an hour.  Items will animate
Whimsey Wine - effectively a wand of wonder in alcoholic beverage form.  does whatever the DM wants.
Doom Fire Wand - 6 dice of fire plus fear effect