Sunday, October 03, 2010

Arduin Grimoire, part 7

I've got just enough time for a quick write-up for NEW MAGIKAL TREASURES.  Each item has a value in Gold Sovereigns, amount of charges it contains (if any), range if needed and a description.  Most magic items listed run between 5,000 and 50,000 gp in value.

Witch Fire Wand - fire attack plus paralyzation (except for elves, who are stunned)
Ring of Night - invisibility only in the dark or shadows
Wind Staff - clerical staff of wizardry equivalent with a variety of wind-based effects
Ring of Rapid Transit - move 10x for 1 minute, engraved with the logo of the mighty BART
Misty Boots of Silent Speed - walk on any surface, including illusionary ones!
Shield of Defense - 95% chance to completely block any one attack
Gauntlet of the Fencing Master - +5 to hit, double attacks with fencing weapons, usable only by thieves, assassins, traders an other scoundrels
Staff of the Druids - does several stupid druid tricks
Helm of War - +3 to all physical stats plus a percentage chance to intuit enemy moves
Holy (& Unholy) Robes - basically robes of the magi for clerics, in addition to various named powers each such robe has a non-specified immunity and a secret power to be specified by the referee
Slavers' Lash - 3d6 damage plus rotting disease plus save of surrender
Ring of Remembering - reads the history of objects
Hawk Helm - triple visual range, infravision, immunity to fear and confusion
Doctor John's Salve - this is the same stuff as appears on the price list, a thousand bucks for 2d8 healing on 'heavy' wounds only
Golden Centaur Salve - same Doc John's but for animals
Golden Drops of Heavenly Essence - the ultimate Get Out of Jail Free, one drop applied to a single particle of a corpse completely restores life.  Costs 100 grand per drop and "only 21 drops have been seen in the last 1,200 years!"
Boots of Banana Peel - meant to be a cursed item, but I bet my players could figure out a way to make zero coefficient of friction footwear into an advatage
Mighty Mystical Silver Sling Shot of Slaying - each such slingshot is keyed to a monster type, save or die, if save take 4d6 damage
Ring of Ruthlessness - become "100% amoral evil", gain a bunch of stat boosts (+6 ego, +3 Str, Int, Dex, Con), fight as berserker.  Damn.
Javelin of Devastation - javelins of lightning that also drain levels
Oil of Instant Immolation - 3 minutes after being applied it burns for 6d10 damage
Oil of Instant Immobility - 3 minutes after being applied it forms a steel hard shell over anything
Oil of Instant Obedience - 3 minutes after being applied whatever is coated will become your obedient servant for an hour.  Items will animate
Whimsey Wine - effectively a wand of wonder in alcoholic beverage form.  does whatever the DM wants.
Doom Fire Wand - 6 dice of fire plus fear effect


  1. Boots of Banana Peel - meant to be a cursed item, but I bet my players could figure out a way to make zero coefficient of friction footwear into an advatage

    You'd essentially be ice-skating all the time. Arduin on Ice!

  2. A lot of these are great; perhaps better just to have your capsule summaries rather than the stats themselves. The Ring of Night is a favorite of mine - I like magic items that are useful, but a bit quirky.

    I also smiled at the Dr. John's salve - I have to think it's inspired by R&B musician Dr. John the Night Tripper. Sadly the RIAA have scoured the song "Gris-Gris-Gumbo-Ya-Ya," which I suspect as the direct inspiration, from youtube, but I found this awesome Paul Weller version of "I Walk on Gilded Splinters" and couldn't help posting:

  3. I think the banana boots would make it impossible to attack unless your kneeling or sitting.
    But you could make them into greaves for awesome metal slides.

  4. Try charging into battle with a lance with these banana boots - you could get incredibly fast, and if the lance is pointy enough, you could impale basically everything. :

  5. Of course all this talk of lance charges on skates makes me think of this prognard classic (best results from 2:00).

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  7. This kinda reminds me of what I read on Hargrave's home games. Supposedly he had two large boxes filled with hundreds of individual artifact cards( kinda like the ones that came in his Dungeon modules) with a illustration on on side and the items properties on the other. He also gave out as treasure little wax sealed scrolls that the player/PC would have to break the seal to read what was contained inside. It could be anything from a half dozen wishes to being transported to a random plane in hell.