Friday, October 08, 2010

2 brief WotC items

Click here for Dave Chalker's review of WotC's new Gamma World.  Sounds pretty decent, much better than the 3.x era version.  I still lean more toward Mutant Future, Omega World, the first or second editions of Gamma World or Encounter Critical, but based upon Dave's description I don't think I'd turn up my nose at an opportunity to play this new version.

Question for everyone:  Has anybody seen the new D&D red box in toy stores or the toy section of bigass toy stores?  These places are gearing up for the Christmas season.  I think if D&D is really reaching out to the masses with this new Essential Basic thing-a-ma-bob, this is their best way of making that happen.  On the shelf in the nerdotron section of Borders & Nobles ain't gonna cut it.  This thing needs to be in Wal-Mart next to the latest rebranded Monopoly atrocities.