Monday, October 18, 2010

quick artifact book update

Hey, haven't talked about this project in a few weeks.  Check out this sweet cover:


The cover art is by Jennifer Weigel while the font is Cup & Talon from S. John Ross's Cumberland Fontworks.  The title and eye-gouging blue are my fault.

I've got a bunch of other neato art by Jennifer and several other extremely cool folks.  I've done a first pass through at editing the text.  I'm trying to use a light hand, doing the minimal possible error correction so as not to marr all the excellent submission.  In no particular order and off the topf of my head here is what's left for me to do:
  • A second run through on the text.
  • Lay it out twice.  Once for Lulu, once for my handmade booklets.
  • Finish writing my own submissions.
  • Finish the list of possible artifact powers (I want to include charts for folks who don't own Eldritch Wizardry or the 1st edition DMG.)
  • Figure out if I will need to do two volumes in order to use all this material.
  • Brief intro note & credits page


  1. I like that your artist, Jennifer Weigel, drew Frank Zappa(R.I.P.) dressed as a Sergeant Pepper Wizard on the cover... and I want a magical rubber chicken just like he is selling.

  2. If you were going for that "I just got this dodgy thing from a game convention, except it was not from the convention hall but from a guy selling it from the trunk of his car in the parking lot" feel, it is a perfect hommage. .)

  3. Jeff - let me know if you need help with anything! Awesome project!

  4. Hey what's with this? I know you are busy getting ready for grad school and all, but I'm just curious.

  5. Did this book ever get finished?

    Seems like it would have a bunch of cool entries.