Tuesday, May 25, 2010

welcome to Dane's world

This is one of the several "Hey, I could totally run a campaign here!" maps I've seen on Strange Maps, but Dane accidentally went and used it for his new D&D 3.5 campaign.  Last night Dane indicated the party was starting in a small town between Labrador City and English Lake.  You can check out my character, Polymachus, son of Therion, right here, as all I did to make his charsheet was open up a new Google document and cut-and-paste from the Hypertext SRD.  Having just re-read the Iliad and Oddysey I decided to play a spearchucking Achaean hero, so my dude is from the Black Peninsula of the Mediterranean Kingdom.  Meanwhile Carl is playing a nerdy wizard, Charles made up a halfling cleric and Dane's buddy Troy showed up with a rogue that he made using the DDI character building software.

We were quite a ways through the session before the rest of us figured out that Troy was kicking so much ass because he brought a 4e character to a 3.5 game.  I initially thought he was so awesome because my dice rolls had been so pisspoor and I was standing in the front taking damage more often that his rogue was looking better off by comparison.  Seriously, the dice were pissing me off last night.  In the first fight I roll a natural '1' in 3 out of 4 rounds of combat.  And it only got marginally better after that.  There seemed to be a big hole in my rolls between the numbers 7 and 14, with way more results on the botton numbers.  But when he revealed that he had 15 hit points at first level the skew became obvious.

Despite the frustrations of not being able to hit friggin' normal, non-giant, non-magical rats I still had a good time.  Danes a newbie DM, but I thought he pulled off running the game with flair and sound judgement.  And the rest of the gang are a hoot to play with.  Troy is welcome in my game any time, though I might double check his charsheet beforehand.


  1. That's is an awesome map. I've tried that kind before, but this is the best version I've seen.

  2. Now, that's a cool map!

  3. Anonymous4:24 AM

    So what happened with the 4e character? Was it remade or did you guys somehow go onward with it? 'Cause those systems and characters are very different...

  4. Some sort of Sneak Attack enhancing gimmick was converted to Weapon Finess and his hit points were downsized. Troy indicated that he would have a fully 3.5 version for next session

  5. That map is very cool. And a lot of cities are coastal, so you can have them in their real-world places, but with a different relationship to each other (New York would be in the same 'North Atlantean' region as Reykjavik for example).