Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shatnerday: new Shatner sitcom

I had heard that Mr. Shatner was in talks to do a show based upon a Twitter account called "Shit My Dad Says" but I didn't know it had goe anywhere until Clovis pointed out this clip on Cinerati.

William Shatner, on a sitcom, based upon a Twitter account.  Maybe Leibniz was right and we really do live in the best of all possible worlds.  Or maybe just the weirdest.


  1. Lame, CBS blocks this video in my country due to copyright.

    Come on, CBS, you're gonna broadcast this free to view all across North America. How is anyone in South Korea gonna make a buck off of this? Nobody even knows Shatner here, aside from foreigners.

  2. Same with Poland :(

  3. "CBS thinks that anywhere that isn't America is a howling wasteland inhabited by no-one but scheming post-apocalyptic telly thieves."

  4. Hmmm, trailers rarely portray what shows actually like but that didn't seem nearly as funny/our entertaining as the twitter account.

    Stretching 120char joke into 20min was a bad idea, ya think?

    Also, at this point I think the "Concept of Shatner" is more entertaining than Shatner himself. In fact he's best when portraying the concept (priceline/right? commercials, "Has Been" music album)

  5. weirdest and best says I!

  6. The book is wonderful, but Shatner - and I hate to be saying this on your blog, Jeff - Shatner just ain't making it work for me.

    He needs to be drunk and holding a beer, and he needs to use actual profanity.

    Get that stuff in there, and I might actually buy a TV again.