Tuesday, May 04, 2010

been a while since I did one of these...

Varlets & Vermin - great new free PDF full of low level monsters

The Diary of Jack the Ripper - transcription of the hoax that made the news a few years back

Denebian Slime Devil - I'm pretty sure one of the Arduin books or something like that has stats for one of these

Lords of the Middle Sea - need a map for your post-apoc campaign?

I Am Not A Gamer - Roleplaying Games, Cultural Artifacts, and Self-Identity


  1. The Denebian Slime Devil was statted up in an issue of Strategic Review, as I recall. I can't recall the issue, though.

  2. I remember the Denebian Slime Devil being listed in the Judges Guild Monster list that was on the old JG screen --- but as I recall no details other than hit dice, armor class, etc.
    I have the Dragon CD somewhere; I'll have to dig through and see if I can find the Denebian Slime Devil in there.

  3. I just checked. It's in issue 2, volume 2 of SR. As presented, it's quite clearly a joke monster and an in-joke monster at that, as its described characteristics aren't particularly amusing (to me anyway) without a context that's not provided.

  4. Your Boardgamegeek link requires a Boardgamegeek login, sir.