Sunday, January 04, 2009

What I've been up to.

Winter War is a month away at this point and I really need to get my act together for my two games. I'm running an old Gamma World adventure vaguely adapted for Encounter Critical craziness and a Labyrinth Lord game for up to twenty players. Anybody who can get to Champaign on February 6th, 7th, or 8th should come play some games.

But before Winter War I'm attempting to launch my newcampaign running Labyrinth Lord plus Points of Light plus The Random Esoteric Creature Generator set in my World of Cinder, with the first session scheduled for Traditional Adventure Roleplaying Week. I really need to finish my write-up for the Armored Gopher Games website and kick the promotion of the game into high gear. All gameblog readers are invited to this campaign, even if you can only stop by for one session. One of the goals of the campaign is to accomodate people who can't committ to regular play. Come for just one session if you'd like.

The last couple of days I've been working on some Labyrinth Lord/house rules inserts for my nifty customizable GM screen. The process basically involves making a list of all possible charts I could want on my screen, prioritizing the list, retyping the highest priority items, and figuring out which of these I can squeeze onto the inserts in what arrangement. So far the Arduin crit and fumble charts are being a big pain in the ass to work with, but I'm tired of bringing a Grimoire or two to games for just a handful of charts.

While looking for a link for my nifty GM screen, I discovered that Ken Hite has written a post-apocalyptic setting for Savage Worlds. That sounds pretty cool.