Monday, January 05, 2009

Bullet Points of Light

So I've decided to insert Wildland, the first map & key from Points of Light, into my World of Cinder setting. I'm a huge fan of author Rob Conley's stuff and I kinda like the challenge of trying to make this shiny nugget of sandbox fit into my larger milieu. Upon rereading the Wildland entry, here are some of my ill-focused thoughts on making the setting my own.
  • The Bright Empire becomes another name for the Kelno Empire, my invading Space Romans adopted from the Wilderlands of High Fantasy.
  • The religious strife between the Goddess of Honor and the God of War will be recast as a conflict between the Church of the Great Gold Dragon and the Frog Gods of Chaos.
  • The Crandor Moors are marked on the map as being full of 'escarpments'. Forunately those things have a wikipedia entry so I can learn myself up. I come from Illinois. You know how flat Illinois is? Any bump in the road that interrupts line of site is called a hill.
  • The NPCs need full write-ups, and generally I'm going to demote them by several levels. In my world a fourth level fighter dude isn't just called a Hero, he's the kind of guy bards write songs about and kings seek out to lead armies.
  • All the paladins will be converted to Fighters and/or Clerics.
  • I'm not sure yet what to do with the druids. I like druids in principle, especially as NPCs, but I'm not sure how to stat them up. The Supplement I: Greyhawk method of using cleric/magic-users has some appeal, as does adapting the Mentzer version of the class.
  • The map needs more lava. There's a lone mountain in hex 1311 that would make a decent volcano. And a couple hexes of the Grey Sea could be set aside as Boil Zones, which would be known as navigational hazards to the local pirates.
  • At least a couple nameless horrors diced up from the Random Esoteric Creature Generator need to be added to the map.
  • The ruins and lairs need to be mapped out and stocked for adventure. Or maps and keys stolen from elsewhere and dropped onto the board.
  • On the 'nice but not required' side of things custom price lists for each community would be cool.