Monday, July 14, 2008

Quadrant 65 needs dice!

Rondo is the foremost Mesmerator of the 65th Quadrant. He's the only guy I know running an ongoing Encounter Critical campaign and he's having a contest to see who can send him the oddest or ugliest die. Dude wants authentically crappy or weird dice for his EC game. First prize is a scratchy copy of Kiss's disco-tastic album Dynasty.

Most serious Kiss fans seem to hate Dynasty and Kiss's disco experiments. Fortunately, I'm not a serious fan. I've had Dynasty on the ol' Amazon wishlist for years, so I gotta try to win this thing. Rather than send Rondo one or two sucky dice, I've put together a care package for his campaign. Whether any of these dice trump the competition isn't really that important to me. Hell, I don't even own a turntable. I mainly just want to support the guy's efforts to party like it's 1979.

  • One Fudge die (two blank sides, two "+", two "-"). I keep one of these with my D&D dice. Sometimes I roll it behind a screen alongside a normal roll and add or subtract 1 from the results. "The goblin hits you for zero points of damage."
  • One blank d6
  • One round d6 (weighted so it can actually produce results)
  • Two uninked/partially crayoned light blue d20's, from D&D Expert sets of yore
  • One uninked/partially crayoned light blue d8, also from an Expert set
  • Eight wooden dice with letters instead of numbers, swiped from some old word game of my folks.
  • One transparent d20 marked 0 to 9 twice, from my buddy Dave's old MERP set
  • My spare black d24
  • A uninked beige d20 marked 0 to 9 and +0 to +9. Came in my original Call of Cthulhu boxed set. Two digit numbers hadn't been invented yet.
  • An uninked d8 with some red creeping crud on one corner
  • A paperclip
  • An orange speckled d12 with orange numbers, nigh-unreadable under anything less than ideal lighting conditions
  • Various crap d6's
  • Marbled pink d12. I love this die but sometimes if you love something you have to set it free.
  • Oversized blue d12
  • d6 with different colors on each side instead of numbers, plundered no doubt from a children's game
  • A cyclops with a ray pistol
  • A rather nice marbled blue d6. Found it on the game room floor after a run and nobody claimed it. Except for the pink d12 above, marbled dice don't do much for me.