Monday, July 14, 2008

Quadrant 65 needs dice!

Rondo is the foremost Mesmerator of the 65th Quadrant. He's the only guy I know running an ongoing Encounter Critical campaign and he's having a contest to see who can send him the oddest or ugliest die. Dude wants authentically crappy or weird dice for his EC game. First prize is a scratchy copy of Kiss's disco-tastic album Dynasty.

Most serious Kiss fans seem to hate Dynasty and Kiss's disco experiments. Fortunately, I'm not a serious fan. I've had Dynasty on the ol' Amazon wishlist for years, so I gotta try to win this thing. Rather than send Rondo one or two sucky dice, I've put together a care package for his campaign. Whether any of these dice trump the competition isn't really that important to me. Hell, I don't even own a turntable. I mainly just want to support the guy's efforts to party like it's 1979.

  • One Fudge die (two blank sides, two "+", two "-"). I keep one of these with my D&D dice. Sometimes I roll it behind a screen alongside a normal roll and add or subtract 1 from the results. "The goblin hits you for zero points of damage."
  • One blank d6
  • One round d6 (weighted so it can actually produce results)
  • Two uninked/partially crayoned light blue d20's, from D&D Expert sets of yore
  • One uninked/partially crayoned light blue d8, also from an Expert set
  • Eight wooden dice with letters instead of numbers, swiped from some old word game of my folks.
  • One transparent d20 marked 0 to 9 twice, from my buddy Dave's old MERP set
  • My spare black d24
  • A uninked beige d20 marked 0 to 9 and +0 to +9. Came in my original Call of Cthulhu boxed set. Two digit numbers hadn't been invented yet.
  • An uninked d8 with some red creeping crud on one corner
  • A paperclip
  • An orange speckled d12 with orange numbers, nigh-unreadable under anything less than ideal lighting conditions
  • Various crap d6's
  • Marbled pink d12. I love this die but sometimes if you love something you have to set it free.
  • Oversized blue d12
  • d6 with different colors on each side instead of numbers, plundered no doubt from a children's game
  • A cyclops with a ray pistol
  • A rather nice marbled blue d6. Found it on the game room floor after a run and nobody claimed it. Except for the pink d12 above, marbled dice don't do much for me.


  1. One of my favorite dice is also a pink d12, but unmarbled.

    If I had a marbled one I'd probably keep it by my bedside instead of in my dice bag. You are a virtual spiritutal guru for being able to give it up, though I agree that the Mesmerators are worth it.

  2. Dogg, way to show me up! That's like more dice than I have in my whole meager collection....ah well, none of yours looks as truly degroded as the one I sent him. Anyway I'm not even a casual fan of the KISS, so I hope you win that copy of Dynasty.

  3. Think I'll have to dig around in my crappy dice treasure chest for one of my heat sensitive color changing dice.

  4. Ooooh! doggies! Thanks for the super hip plug, AND the stuff yer sendin'! paydirt! First off, you got the coolest blog out there...i read this thing over and over, and everytime i click on something i'm looking up it tends to bring me back here. Hey Max, don't sweat it: Plenty has been stolen forthwith from D2's love lounge! I got several cool things lined up to send.

  5. I am tempted to dig up the ever-rolling d20 I have and send it his way. It came from my original Gamma World set, the only way I was going to get away from those stupid "chits" in an early OD&D version. That dice was played HARD. At some point it rolled away and disappeared under a water heater and was only recovered a decade later when I moved the wood pile. So beautiful, so cracked, so smoothed around the "points" with almost nary a visible number. I still roll it today if I want to delay a result for ... 5 minutes as it rocks around the table.