Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Julius Caesar was a PC

Dig this panel from The Life of Julius Caesar, a comic book I found in the kid's section of my local library.

Take a close look at that panel. You know what I heard in my head when I first saw it?

DM: Enough with the lesbian jokes, you nimrods. Are you going to attack this city or not?

JC: Those soldiers I instructed to make scaling ladders, are they done yet?

DM: Not really. They're about fifty percent complete with the ladders.

JC: Good enough. I grab one of the ladders and rush the city, shouting "Come on, you Nancy's! Do you want to live forever?" to my troops.

DM: Okay, you run up under heavy arrow fire. You take twelve points of damage total but you reach the walls.

JC: Ouch! I place the ladder and scramble up to the top, inspiring my troops to bravery!

DM: I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that you only take 3 more points of damage from arrow fire. The bad news is that you didn't specify that you were grabbing a completed ladder.


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    Excellent! ;D

  2. Tubular!
    I have to read the rest of the comic, lesbian jokes in a children's comic? Age of aquarious?

  3. Take a real close look. See that roundish brownish blob right above the guy on the stubby ladder? Kinda looks like a projectile from the catapult, doesn't it?

    Now that sounds like a PC plan. The best ones always involve friendly fire.

  4. Caesar was totally a PC.

    GM: "You realize if you cross the Rubicon you'll be declared an enemy of the state."

    Player: "Yeah, whatever."


    Player: "I think I'm ready to retire Julius, but I want him to go out in spectacular fashion."

    GM: "I think I might have an idea..."

  5. Hey, that sounds like stuff that happens in my game. By the way, I am a big fan of the Goodman Games DCC line, same as you and I thought I should give you a heads up. Since they are moving to 4e, their website has all the 3e DCC's on a 50% discount sale. This is pdf and paper products. Act fast!!!

  6. LoL! What other persons from history were PCs?

  7. Genghis Khan was the GMs pet NPC and Miyamoto Musashi was the PC of a total munchkin.