Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adventure Games Publishing update

James Mishler of Adventure Games Publishing has made Adventure Games Journal #1 (glowingly reviewed at this very blog) available as a PDF through DriveThru/RPGNow. The price is $12 an issue, which is higher than I expected seeing as how that's what I pay for a print issue with my subscription. I asked James about this and here's a bit of his response:
[T]he primary reason I added PDFs was as a service for international customers who (understandably) balked at the $8+ shipping costs per issue (and these costs are going only going to increase). The last thing I want is to make the PDF a cheap alternative to the print product, especially as I make less on a PDF than I do on a print product...
You can read his whole explanation in the comments to this post at his Adventures in Gaming blog.

Those of you going to GenCon can check out James' stuff first hand. He'll have AGJ#1, the Southern Reaches map, the Rhadamanthia map (showing the Wilderlands in relation to the rest of the continent), and maybe a con special. That way you can decide for yourself whether this stuff is worth your money.