Saturday, March 03, 2007

New home for Iron Heroes

Monte Cook Presents: Iron Heroes, written by Mike Mearls, is one of my favorite D&D variants. With Mr. Cook supposedly getting out of the RPG business I figured there wasn't much of a future for Iron Heroes. But two days ago Cook announced the sale of IH to Fiery Dragon Productions. Fiery Dragon is perhaps best known for their colorful Counter Collection series, but they have also done other support material for IH and Cook's other great D&D variant, Arcana Evolved. Just friday I was at the FLGS checking out Dark Harbor, an Iron Heroes module published by Fiery Dragon. I couldn't make up my mind between that book or the new Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde module from Wizards, so I ended up getting neither.

Plans for the new IH line include a revised corebook incorporating the known errata and clarifications as well as a player's companion with new classes and other crunchy bits. Unfortunately Mr. Mearls will not be able to contribute to these upcoming products. That's okay, this way we can get both tricked-out new IH stuff and great Mearls material published by Wizards.

Big thanks to RPGnetter Moriarty for pointing me to this info!