Wednesday, March 28, 2007

it came from Jeff's harddrive

I dusted this baby off for a discussion at theRPGsite. You might find it interesting that I wrote it a couple of years before Enterprise was announced.
Star Trek: Voyages of the USS Saladin

Part I: Setting

The Federation is only five years old, with only a few dozen member-worlds.

The Romulan War ended barely two years ago. This war was the unifying event that turned the disparate navies of the Federation member-worlds into a single Star Fleet.

James Tiberius Kirk is a snot-nosed kid in Iowa. On faraway Vulcan a half-breed named Spock suffers under the taunts and torments of pureblooded Vulcan youths.

The Klingon Empire is a distant and indistinct menace, little more than a rumor.

The USS Enterprise is just a naval contract and some blueprints. The first Federation heavy cruiser is still years away from completion. However the first vessels built specifically for Star Fleet are starting to roll out of space dock.

The USS Saladin, NCC-500, is one of the very first starships christened as a Federation vessel. Built into the Saladin are the technical achievements of a dozen worlds: an advanced “space-warp” drive (cruising speed: Cochcrane Warp Factor 6!), dilithium-controled matter/anti-matter engine, energy shields, photonic torpedoes, phased plasma/laser batteries (or “phasers”), a multitronic computer,an experimental matter transporter, and the most complete sensor package ever assembled in one starship.

The newly assembled crew of the Saladin is as diverse as the Federation itself. Some of the crew may have actually fought against each other in Human/Kzin, Vulcan/Andor, and Earth/Centauri conflicts. Some earned their stripes in the recent Romulan unpleasantness. Still others are members of the first graduating class from the new Star Fleet Academy.

Part II: The Ground Rules

Assume nothing. No TV show, movie, book, or fan material will give you an insight into what has happened or what will happen in this campaign. Please don’t try to tell me I am doing something wrong because it doesn’t fit someone else’s conception of the Star Trek universe. The main inspirations for the campaign are the Original Series (particularly the 2 pilots), the Animated Series, and Franz Joseph’s original Star Fleet Technical Manual. Even these cannot be considered “canonical”, merely helpful to see where I am coming from.

I am expecting the crew of the Saladin to have a direct impact on the fate of the Federation, the galaxy, and even the universe. The campaign is a Star Trek series and the PCs are the stars of the show. You are the Kirk. Go out and grab the galaxy by the gonads.

I never actually put this document in front of prospective players because I dither about what system would best work for rollicking velour-clad Trek fun. For a project like this Classic Traveller, Risus, and Savage Worlds all speak to me in different ways.