Thursday, March 15, 2007

Flu bad, Groo good.

I'm finally showing some signs of recovery today. I felt good enough this morning that I wanted to try to go to work but my wife stopped me. She is wise. An hour later I was absolutely miserable and would have had to come home anyway. Still, I am making some progress. I even felt good enough to read a few issues of Groo the Wanderer that I recued from a local dollar bin a couple weeks back. This stuff is golden. I got into Groo only recently but as a kid Sergio Aragones was one of my favorite Mad artists. That guy can tell the most wonderful, human stories with little or no dialogue. I'm no expert on the ins and outs of Groo, but the basic schtick is that he's a dunderheaded nincompoop who also happens to be an unstoppable killing machine. He wanders a vague pseudo-Hyborian fantasy world, getting into lots of trouble. In other words, he acts a lot like pretty much every D&D player character I've ever met. Issue 37 pictured above is pretty much a one joke story, but Aragones spends 22 pages slowly and lavishly telling it. It's glorious.