Sunday, March 25, 2007

my new hero

Last time I talked about heavy metal here on this blog some friends decided to hook me up with some mix CDs they had burned. Thanks, guys! Tonight I tried to listen to several of them on my X-box, as it is the only music device in my game room. I thought I'd crank some tunes while working on the Canyon of Chaos, the first dungeon for my new campaign. Think module B2, only turned up to eleven. I guess that would make it module B11, if that designation weren't already taken.

Turns out that the Box Named X does not support CD-R technology, so no Dragonforce for Jeffy today. Instead I popped in my totally legitmate (and thanks to reader horrox completely free) copy of Slough Feg's Traveller. I feel confident in declaring this disc to be the greatest Vargr-themed concept album ever created. By the way, anyone who is a fan of stuff that is awesome should consider shopping at horrox's music store Aquarius Records.

After the Slough Feg awesome-osity I decided to see if Bill Gates would allow me to play a DVD+R on my X-box. I had this disc Pat had slipped me a while back, labeled "Korgoth Hellsing Ultimate". I knew what a Hellsing was, having read a couple of the manga (also provided by Pat), but I had completely forgotten what Korgoth was supposed to be. Holy crap, but Korgoth of Barbaria is awesome.

Every once in a while I stumble across a parody so pure that the love the creators have for the subject material shines through and the parody itself becomes a grand example of the genre it is spoofing. I thinking of things like S. John Ross's Encounter Critical or the Tenacious D song "Tribute". Korgoth of Barbaria walks tall among those mighty ones as both a great parody of heavy metal sword & sorcery and one of the best S&S cartoons I have ever seen. If you're a regular reader of this here blog and haven't seen this cartoon, I give Korgoth my highest recommendation. You will laugh, you will cry, you will give the devil sign with both hands.\m/-_-\m/

Seriously, this Korgoth dude just wanders through a post-apocalyptic setting laying waste to foes in gruesome orgies of violence. When he's not slaughtering fools and monsters he spends his spare time quaffing ale and scoring with chicks. All of this is brought to you in the same wry, uncensored manner as the Venture Brothers. My head tells me Korgoth is lampooning Conan and Thundarr, but my heart tells me this guy rocks.