Sunday, August 07, 2005

More Zombage

Continuing the theme of my obsession with the restless dead, here's a nifty link:

Stop the Zombies

This applet starts with the old Zombie Infection Simulator that's been around for years, but adds a bit of interactivity. You get to call in airstrikes by clicking on the screen. Can you stop the undead menace? What sort of casualties will you accept to do so? Fascinating stuff.

In non-zombie news I'm continuing to plod through World of Synnibarr. I've just about convinced myself to try running this thing. The system is rough in places but I disagree with the general tendency to label Synnibarr as one of the worst games ever made.


  1. If I remember correctly, there are a lot of special rules imbedded in the individual classes and I found those the most problematic thing when I was reading through it.

    Did you buy the book new or used?

  2. I bought it used. Yeah, a lot of special cases are hidden. Poor organization is one the several legit gripes that could be aimed at Synnibarr.

  3. On the 'just curious' tangent, where did you buy it? I only ask because I actually sold my copy and I would find it quite amusing to think you might have my old copy.

    I wanna play one of those guy with the tiger PJ's.


  4. I got mine off of the eBay.