Friday, August 05, 2005

Back from the Dead

Or back from St. Paul, whichever you prefer. The hotel I was at had free web access in the form of a single PC in the lobby. Between the serious business men conducting serious business and the teenagers LOLing and OMGing, I got only one opportunity to access the web. I was online just long enough (before my daughter insisted we visit to discover that the zombies had gotten Buck Rodriguez, my heroic firefighter PC in Urban Dead. Poor bastard, he had been doing fairly well fighting his one-man war against the undead menace but he made the stupid mistake of taking shelter in a building he only thought was zombie-free. Now he joins the mindless ranks of such luminaries as my other PC, Putrid Joe. Putrid Joe was also killed while I was away, but he just got back up and continued rampaging. That's the silver lining of being a zombie, I guess. One disturbing turn of events was that one of Putrid Joe's attackers was a fellow zombie. Hey guys, I thought we were all on the same team against the fragrant and tasty forces of the living! Little Eddie, my cowardly little civilian, has just found his backbone and is trying to help eliminate the zombie menace from Stickling Mall, a pseudo-refuge in the city.

I made it over to The Source on Wednesday and almost went apeshit buying new stuff. I ended up leaving with a copy of All Flesh Must Be Eaten, one of its supps, and AFMBE's lesser known competition Zombi: The Earth Won't Hold the Dead. Funny thing. I've got zombies on the brain lately, but the only zombie movie I've seen in its entirety is Plan 9 From Outer Space. My one non-zombie oriented purchase was The Nopress Anthology, an indie compilation that I have coveted since its release last GenCon. At one point I had in hand a copy of every All Flesh supp in stock, as well as the new Fudge hardback, but I decided to try and be reasonable. I think I reached my most fevered moment when I found myself seriously considering buying the entire Nightlife product line, just 'cause I could. I always thought a game in which the PCs were all vampires in the modern world could really be cool, if someone could write such a thing and not fuck it up. ;)

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