Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Interesting Iron Heroes Comment

Monte Cook's Iron Heroes: I demoed this twice and while it's very cool for d20, it's still d20, and it still has the limitations from d20 that I don't like very much. For example, when playing the Berzerker, I wanted to pick up and throw the cowering cultist at the snake god, but I had to enter his square, grapple, and throw, and throwing would've had a 10' range increment and have only done 1d3+str bonus, with a -4 to hit for nonproficiency, and that would've taken a couple of rounds. So yeah, stunting, but not stunting-friendly enough for me. By the time the weekend had ended and I weakened enough to buy it despite these difficulties, it was sold out.

This item is from RPGnetter RobNJ, in a thread about GenCon purchases. His remark kinda takes the shine off any interest I had in Iron Heroes.