Saturday, February 19, 2005

UltraForce Omega is Go!

Today I ran Episode 1 of UltraForce Omega, my new d20 Modern campaign. We had two PCs today, ran by my nephews Ian and Alex. Next session we should have one to three new players. I was really impressed with the fact that the boys built characters with an advancement plan. Ian wants to eventually have a BattleMind guy and Alex is aiming for a Soldier.

Anyway, the basic concept of the campaign is X-Files style supernatural investigation combined with A-Team action hero silliness. The first session was an adaptation of the old Call of Cthulhu adventure "The Brockford House'". I replaced the Deep Ones with Locathath and Sahuagin and pretty much ran it as-is. I shooting for a completely episodic format with a level-up between each adventure, max number of sessions = 20. Next session will feature dinosaurs.