Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A More Upbeat Blog Entry

  • We've got a tentative date (2/25) for the next session of my Home Team campaign, using the slick new Mutants & Masterminds version of the PCs that I've been working on. I decided to use the optional rule from the errate that reduces the cost of skills to 1/3 of a power point. That allows me to make Jill Montgomery, Agent of SHIELD, for only 5 points more than the rest of the party.
  • I got dice from my Valentine! A tube of marbly green polyhedrals (the kind with 4d6 and a tensplace die) and a set of white jumbo dice. Size isn't everything, but I like the idea of the whole damn table being able to read the dieroll.
  • Speaking of my wife, I floated by her the idea of daytripping to Spring Offensive and Flatcon and she didn't flinch. Excellent!
  • I think this Saturday will the first session of my new d20 Modern campaign for my nephews. They may be bringing a friend or two along for the ride. And it looks like Don & Sue's son will be joining the party in session two. My plan for this campaign, titled Ultraforce Omega, is to adapt, adopt, and outright steal whatever material I can find. Anything from old TV shows/movies/comics (stuff from before the kid's were born) to using the free d20M adventures from Wizards to modifying stuff from other games. Session One will feature an adaptation of "The Brockford House", a classic Call of Cthulhu adventure that I first ran for Goph and Dave almost twenty years ago. Substitute some D&D Locathath for Deep Ones and I'm pretty much good to go.
  • It turns out that Hank, a fellow I have gamed with at Winter War more than once, actually lives in CU. He's now on my short list of people to try to get at the table for my next one-shot. My short list is getting pretty long!