Saturday, February 12, 2005

A Link for the Comic Fans

The Quarter Bin is a site with over 200 short but sweet comics essays. I'm particularly fond of "The Three Trashmen Tests" and "The Bouncing Boy Test", as well as the articles on bad costumes of the sixties, seventies*, eighties**, and nineties. Although they do manage to acknowledge the existence of non-supers comics, overall the site tends to suffer from the usual sort of myopia that over-emphasizes mainstream American superhero comics. But what can you expect from a site called the Quarter Bin?

*Thought I must disagree with the author's assessment of Moondragon's costume. I dig the whole bald-psionic-chick-in-skimpy-costume-with-big-cape look. But I also liked the bald psionic chick Star Trek: The Motion Picture, so what do I know?

**And punk Storm? Smokin' hot. Anyone who says otherwise just can't remember back to the days when punk was actually cool.