Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ten Things I Don't Like About The New D&D

It's Curmudgeon Day at my gameblog. This list is in no particular oder.

  • Familiars way too familiar You used to need to cast an elaborate spell to get a familiar. Now every man jack wizard can have one. And where's the imps, quasits, and pseudo-dragons? Today's familiars are more common and more lame.
  • New initiave system What was wrong with the AD&D 2 initiative system? Someone please tell me, cause I don't know. Anyone else miss weapon speeds? Or rolling initiative every round?
  • Map-based combat Attacks of Opportunity and 5' Steps drive me crazy. Crazy, I tell ya! Crazy!
  • Too many damn spellcasters Rangers, paladins, and bards I can maybe take. But assassins? Assassins?
  • Cantrips, cantrips, cantrips These were more fun back in the original Unearthed Arcana. And I don't like 1st level casters starting play with so many spells. Will someone please think of the children?
  • Magic items as commodity I know this started with the original DMG, but it is entirely out of control now. Looking at the chart that shows how many GPs of magic items an average PC should own just makes me ill. Can someone tell me the GP value of Excalibur? How about Stormbringer? How much would the Eye of Agamotto fetch on eBay?
  • Magic Item Creation is Hozzored Hey kids, start making magic items at much earlier levels than grandpa! It'll just cost you your precious, precious experience points!
  • Why can't I play a 1st level half-orc assassin, dammit?
  • CR/EL/XP Just put an xp rating in the monster entry. I hate those stupid charts.
  • Monsters and NPCs are a pain This is the big one for me. Managing critters and people with levels in PC classes is a huge pain. The chargen rules as written allow for a lot of nifty PC customization. As a DM those same rules feel like a millstone around my neck.

This list isn't exhaustive, by the way. It's just the first 10 things that came to mind.