Monday, August 07, 2017

a spell to remember

Some spells are classics.  The no-save versions of Sleep.  The expands-to-a-volume incarnations of Fireball.  Others are legendary, such as Eliminster's Contingency spell or Tokkrang's Star Bore.  Today I'd like to nominate a spell to add to the list of All Time Greats.  It appears in Pegasus number 12.  Pegasus appears to be Judges Guild's answer to Dragon, but it was never as popular or successful as the latter august publication.  Anyway, page 9 of issue 12 (1983) contains 2 spells written by David Porter.  One of them is called Minor Waldo and is conceptually similar to the later Mage Hand.  The other is a beauty called Disbelieve Reality:

I love, love, love that you can cast this spell on yourself!

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