Sunday, August 06, 2017

screen shots

So I've got this thing called The World's Greatest Screen from Hammerdog Games.  This is one of those customizable jobbies where the front and back are pockets that you can slide your own inserts into.  I've got one such thing from Pinnacle Games that I've used for years.  The old one is three panels in landscape format, but the new one is four panels in portrait orientation.  So I'm working on a new set of inserts.  Today, I thought I'd share what I've had on my side of the screen for the last 10 years or so.

The left panel has three items.  The big one is my Carousing Mishaps chart.  I don't think I've ever needed it, but the other chart here is my Random Dungeon Motivation chart.  (Both these charts can be found in the back of Broodmother Skyfortress, by the way.)  The bold text in the bottom left corner is my personal motivational quote:
I am the maze controller, the god of this universe I have created. The absolute authority. Only I know the perilous course which you are about to take. Your fate... is in my hands.
That's a line from Mazes & Monsters, the Citizen Kane of Tom Hanks lost in the steam tunnels movies.

The center panel contains the main charts for play.  Upper left is an abbreviated to-hit chart.  The big chart is a saving throw chart that covers the first two level ranges for the seven canonical classes.  The tiny chart is just the rules for the Sleep spell.  Middle left is a Turn Undead chart.  Middle right is monster and retainer reactions.  Bottom left is encounter distances. Many of these are based on the numbers in Labyrinth Lord, rather than D&D proper, as that's what I was running when I first started using it.  Bottom right is my Wessex hirelings chart.

Oh yeah, there's also a skull.  Just for my amusement.

This photo turned out terrible.  Don't bother to click on it.  You'll have to take it on faith the this page is devoted to the Arduin crit chart.  Turned sideways and slid in much later is one version of my personal attempt to revive Chainmail-style 2d6 spellcasting.  I never used this chart for every spell cast in the game.  I kept it handy for when wizards try something foolish and/or outside the scope of the rules.

So now I have to figure out what I what to do with a whole nother panel.  And I can probably replace the Random Motivation chart with something else, since I've never used it.

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