Tuesday, August 22, 2017

mini-review: Doomslakers! OSR Character sheets

I've been a fan of James V. West since encountering his indie generic system The Pool back in '01 or '02.  Only later did I find out he was also a kickass artist, doing cartoony, sexy sword & sorcery stuff in the vein of Phil Foglio or Vaughn Bode.  Doomslakers! OSR Character Sheets is one of several nifty things you can get from his Random Order Creations page at Drivethru.

So I want basically three things from my character sheets: they function as a way to organize character data, they are black & white for cheap printing, and they induce some sort of aesthetic response evocative of the game being played.  Mr. West's product offers six different styles of charsheet that tick off the last two boxes nicely.  I can imagine that the reordering of charsheet elements to fit the design ethos of each individual sheet might reduce their functionality initially, but repeated use would no doubt bring familiarity.  I don't consider that a major issue, given that with this product I can offer my players their choice of 6 options for organizing their PCs.

The bigger issue determining whether or not this product is right for you is that it uses five old school saving throw categories and descending Base 9 AC to-hit charts.  That's perfect for BX D&D, but maybe not for your system of choice.  But if you want some cool ass charsheets to use at your table, then I recommend Doomslakers! OSR Character Sheets.  The set of six is pay-what-you-want, with a suggest price of only one dollar U.S.

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