Friday, June 15, 2012

Doom of the Jaredites, session 2

First, a message from Barry Blatt:

Brief report from expedition 2 - look out for the giant parrots dive bombing camp at night though. There is a road out to the west, follow it south and there's a temple thingy, just play it cool and you'll be fine. Natives are stone age reptilians who speak 'Snakish', friendly enough.

Here's the updated map:

Okay, that's not really an airplane.  It's the site of a crashed Jaredite Air Chariot.  Important difference.

In the first session the party consisted of newly minted characters made specifically for the campaign.  The party this week was a trio of FLAILSNAILS veterans:  Harold the Adequate (F3, Adam Thornton), Noggin Three-Teeth (dwarf F4/T5, Barry Blatt) and Corkin Gaul II (Bard2, Zzarchov Kowolski).  Harold and Noggin showed up with sufficient coins from previous adventures, so they rolled on the local henchmen chart.   Noggin ended up with a Hopeless Loser he called Colin, which is almost certainly not his real name given the setting.  Harold rolled a Pack Ape, which he named Moar Lut.  Later when he got back from his little jaunt in the wilderness he got it a shampoo and a poodle doo, possibly with ribbons in its fur.  Adam Thornton is messed up in all the right ways, I tell ya.

The survival of Colin the Hopeless Loser is pretty close to miraclous.  He's sporting some large wounds from where a giant bird grabbed him with its talon and some broken ribs from the fall he suffered when he was 'saved'.  Between grunts of pain he also mentions some sort of sword-wielding snake-woman with hypno-eyes, somewhere near "the magic cube".