Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Contest for You!

Have fun!  Win fabulous prizes!  Enjoy the respect of some guy and the folks who read his blog!

The Lamentations of the Reskinned Princess Art Fiasco Contest!

Step One: Go get the free 'no art' PDF version of the Lamentations of the Flame Princess Weird Fantasy Role-Playing: Grindhouse Edition Rules and Magic book.  Here's a direct link.

Step Two: Find either a single page or a two-page spread (even page left, odd page right) with some text and some empty space for art.

NOTE 1: You can't choose entirely blank pages or the pages that just say "Dwarf", "Elf", etc., but are otherwise blank.

Step Three: Get some art all up in there.  You can print, draw on it and send me the scanned results or do the whole thing on your computer.  You may do original work or appropriate some appropriate material.  Do not alter the text.

Step Four: Email me the results: jrients at the gmail to the dot com.  By doing so you are granting me the rights to post what you send here on the Gameblog.

Step Five: Get judged by me!  Things I will be looking at include: do I find it aesthetically pleasing?  Does the art fit the selected text?  Would substituting this stuff into the rulebook make LotFP author/publisher Jim Raggi's head asplode?

NOTE 2: I will be grading on a bit of a curve here: if you botched the placement of a graphic a bit or there's some jpeg fuzz I won't toss it in the bin if the idea is clever.

NOTE 3: The point is to produce alternatives to the horrific art in the full-fledged edition (as mocked here), not to emulate or outdo the real art.  I want to be amused or intrigued by your submission, not grossed out.

Step Six: Win a prize (or don't).  I will be awarding at least three prizes, a minimum of one in each judging category:  Amateur Original Art,  Amateur Appropriated Art, and Pro/Pro-Am Original Art.  Or as I like to call them, Crayon Doodle-Horrors, Sucking Up To Jeff Via Ripping Off Erol Otus, and Hey My Art Appears In Real RPG Books But I Like Prizes Too.

The prizes consist of grab-bag type gobs of gaming stuff, mailed to you by me.  (Yes, I will send the prizes to Foreignlandia.)  Here's what I've got so far:

The Boxed Set Bonanza - Four boxed sets and one hardbound book, all slightly used but in excellent shape, all for D&D type things.  Pick a set of rules and you could run a pretty wicked campaign using this stuff all together.  Since the box to hold all this crap is slightly to large, I've also thrown in like eight or nine trashy fantasy and sci-fi novels that I bought for a song at various secondhand joints and have never gotten around to reading.

The Hardbound Hoard - Four or five (I forget) hardbound D&D type books in great to near-mint condition.  There's rules, campaign materials and monsters.  Also, there's a boxed set of another entire RPG, because hey, why not.  Again, the padding consists of various old genre novels.

The Minibox of Mystery - This is a smaller box, so I put smaller stuff in it, i.e. digest sized.  There's a could three small but complete roleplaying games, a couple of wargamy things, some enigmatic cards, a few dice and even a couple of collectible items.  No novel since this box is so small.

What'll happen is that the Amateur Original Art winner will get first pick of the grabbags, the Amateur Appropriated Art winner will get second pick and the Pro will get third pick.  If I scrounge up some more boxes maybe I'll award some additional prizes.

NOTE 4:  This contest not associated with or approved by Jim Raggi.  Also, he is not allowed to enter this contest cause that would be weird.  Sorry, dude.

NOTE 5: All submissions must be in my mailbox by one week from today, so get crackin'!