Wednesday, September 07, 2011

this should be interesting...

Just got an email from Dave, the supercool dude who runs my FLGS:
Hey all...
Quick annoucement...
Beginning tonight, September 7th, Armored Gopher Games will be hosting D&D Encounters on a weekly basis. The sessions will be run by Eric Bohm, and promise to be a lot of fun!
Seating is limited, be here early. Game time is 6:30PM. Enjoy!
Dave @ Armored Gopher Games
Tonight also happens to be the night I'm resuming running D&D at the Gopher.  Six sessions seemed like a sufficient amount of Boot Hill and I wanted to give my FLAILSNAILS players some competition, so I'm sending whoever shows up for my game into the Caves of Myrddin.  It's not the first time I've GM'ed when another game was going down on the other side of the store, but it'll be the first time that other game was also called Dungeons & Dragons.

There's lots of interesting data that could be gathered in a situation like this.  Do the D&D Encounters people skew younger than my table?  How many encounters do they get through in an average hour as opposed to my game?  Setting up a couple of video cameras to observe the two groups could be fun as well.  In general I'd much rather focus on my own game rather than someone else's, but this is an unusual opportunity.