Friday, September 02, 2011

Tales from the Outhouse

Cole, Chris, Oliver and Raymond finished up the first expedition to the Caves of Myrddin at about 6:30 this morning Illinois time.  I had a great time and the assembled players seemed to enjoy it as well.

Setting out just after sunrise, their party got back just in time for lunch at the Outhouse.  Or most of it got back anyway, I'm not sure if Taurus, the mysterious sword-wielding Juggalo they picked up en route to the dungeon, returned with the group or not.  Either way, the other Outhouse guests have never met the man. The Outhouse, by the way, is the delightful nickname for the building at the edge of the grounds of the Abbey of St. Emmet.  (With no inn anywhere in the area, the guest house of the Abbey is the best accomodations available nearby.)  Surprisingly, all concerned returned alive and in possession of all their various limbs and organs.

Like this, only with leather
 armor and a spear.

Father Geoffroy, Diarmud Duff and Rumpert can make their own reports of the events in the Caves if they so choose.  But after being plied with a few drinks Rumpert's henchman Helmût will open up a bit.  Not that Helmût is a great source of information.  For one thing he's not terribly smart. And he speaks both Anglish and Norman poorly and with a terrible Scandinavian accent.  On top of that he only starts talking after imbibing enough ale to slur his words.  But here's what you think Helmût tells the adventurers gathered at the Outhouse:

The party explored the Big Cave.

Monsters defeated included an improbably large number of spiders, a trio of giant maggots with octopi for heads, lurking aspics in both tiny and giant size, a pile of vengeful kelp and a skeleton-demon with four arms.  The latter was decapitated by one of the other party members.

The group also encountered a nun and a hunchback leading around a group of children.  What exactly these people were doing in the cave is not clear to poor dumb Helmût.  The nun was killed by the giant aspic, which had the ability to burst into flames.  The hunchback and the children later disappeared, possibly victims of the Mysterious Clicking.

Any other info will have to come from the PCs or firsthand knowledge.